pysit.modeling.generate_shot_data_frequency(shot, solver, model, frequencies, verbose=False, **kwargs)[source]

most of this is copied from frequency_modeling.forward_model

shot : pysit.Shot

Gives the source signal approximation for the right hand side.

frequencies : list of 2-tuples

2-tuple, first element is the frequency to use, second element the weight.

return_parameters : list of {‘wavefield’, ‘simdata’, ‘simdata_time’, ‘dWaveOp’}
retval : dict

Dictionary whose keys are return_parameters that contains the specified data.


  • u is used as the target field universally. It could be velocity potential, it could be displacement, it could be pressure.
  • uhat is used to generically refer to the DFT of u that is needed to compute the imaging condition.