Domain (pysit.core.domain)


A PySIT Domain object specifies the physical properties of the domain being imaged. For example, this may include width, depth, units, etc.

Getting Started

  • Importing a domain object
  • Constructing a domain

Using domain

More details

Domain Configuration Tuples

  • Dimension inference
  • Physical boundary conditions (warning, currently uses same terminology as computational BCs)

Storage of Dimensional Information

Cartesian Domains

  • What information is stored in a dimension (origin, length, boundary conditions, etc)

  • Left handed coordinate system

  • Boundaries are always left-right for their dimension
    • E.g., in the z-dimension, the top boundary is referred to as the left boundary and the bottom boundary is the right.
  • Accessing single dimension by name and by index

  • Accessing boundary condition information

  • Iterating over dimensions

Extending domain

Define the required interfaces.


pysit.core.domain Module


PML(length, amplitude[, ftype, boundary])