Core Module (pysit.core)


The pysit.core package provides the general tools necessary to setup a seismic inversion experiment, including:


pysit.core Package


equispaced_acquisition(mesh, wavelet[, …])


CartesianMesh(domain, *configs) Specification of Cartesian meshes in PySIT.
DerivativeGaussianPulse(peak_frequency[, …]) Pulse as the n-th derivative of a Gaussian.
Dirichlet Homogeneous Dirichlet domain boundary condition.
DomainBC Base class for domain boundary conditions.
DomainBase Base class for pysit physical domains.
GaussianPulse(nu, **kwargs) 0th derivative of the Gaussian
MeshBase Base Class for Pysit mesh objects
Neumann(*args, **kwargs) Neumann domain boundary condition.
PML(length, amplitude[, ftype, boundary, …]) Perfectly Matched Layer (PML) domain boundary condition.
PointReceiver(mesh, pos, **kwargs) Subclass of PointRepresentationBase and ReceiverBase for representing a seismic receiver on a grid.
PointSource(mesh, pos, src_func[, intensity]) Subclass of PointRepresentationBase and SourceBase for representing a point source emitter on a grid.
ReceiverSet(mesh, receivers, **kwargs) Subclass of list and ReceiverBase for representing a set of seismic receivers on a mesh.
RectangularDomain(*configs) Class for describing rectangular domains in pysit.
RickerWavelet(nu, **kwargs) Canonical example source wavelet.
Shot(sources, receivers) Container class for a seismic shot.
SourceEncodedSupershot(shots[, weight_type]) A source encoded supershot.
SourceSet(mesh, sources, **kwargs)
SourceWaveletBase(*args, **kwargs) Base class for source wavelets or profile functions.
StructuredDirichlet(mesh, domain_bc, dim, …) Specification of the Dirichlet boundary condition on structured meshes.
StructuredNeumann(mesh, domain_bc, dim, …) Specification of the Neumann boundary condition on structured meshes.
StructuredPML(mesh, domain_bc, dim, side, …) Specification of the PML-absorbing boundary condition on structured meshes.
WhiteNoiseSource([seed, variance]) Random wavelet.