Mesh (pysit.core.mesh)


A PySIT Mesh object specifies the computational properties of the domain being imaged. For example, this may include grid spacing, node count, units, etc.

Getting Started

  • Importing a mesh object
  • Constructing a mesh from a domain

Using mesh

More details

Storage of Dimensional Information

Cartesian Meshs

  • What information is stored in a dimension (delta, node count, boundary conditions, etc)
  • Accessing single dimension by name and by index
  • Accessing boundary condition information
  • Iterating over dimensions

Key Methods

  • shape
  • mesh_coords
  • dof

Extending mesh

Define the required interfaces for mesh objects


pysit.core.mesh Module


CartesianMesh(domain, *args) Specification of Cartesian meshses in PySIT.
StructuredNeumann(mesh, domain_bc, dim, ...) Specification of the Neumann boundary condition on structured meshes.
StructuredDirichlet(mesh, domain_bc, dim, ...) Specification of the Dirichlet boundary condition on structured meshes.
StructuredPML(mesh, domain_bc, dim, side, ...) Specification of the PML-absorbing boundary condition on structured meshes.

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