Mesh Representation (pysit.core.mesh_representation)


A PySIT mesh representation is an abstract specification of how a physical object exists on a computational mesh. For example, how is a point (a delta) represented?

This serves as a base class for both pysit.core.sources.PointSource and pysit.core.sources.PointReceiver and defines both sampling and adjoint sampling for both data types.

Getting Started

  • Inheriting a mesh representation

Using mesh_representation

More details

Point Representations

  • Sampling operators
  • Sampling data from a wavefield

Delta Approximations

  • Numerical delta (details and caveats)
  • Gaussian delta (details and caveats)

Sparse or Dense?

  • Use sparse, in general
  • Dense is faster for small things and 1D

Extending mesh_representation

  • Define sampling_operator attribute
  • Define adjoint_sampling_operator attribute


pysit.core.mesh_representation Module


MeshRepresentationBase(mesh, **kwargs) Base class for representing an object on a (Cartesian) grid.
PointRepresentationBase(mesh, pos[, ...]) Base class for representing a point (or delta) on a grid.