class pysit.core.mesh_representation.MeshRepresentationBase(mesh, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: object

Base class for representing an object on a (Cartesian) grid.

This class serves as a base class for physical objects, such as points and planes that model receivers and emitters.


sampling_operator is always stored as a single row. Thus, the domain grid is flat in ‘C’ ordering. This is so that we can easily stack them into ‘operators’ for cases when there are multiple sources or receivers in a set.


mesh pysit.Mesh Physical domain on which the source is defined.
domain pysit.Domain Physical domain on which the source is defined.
sampling_operator scipy.sparse matrix or numpy.ndarray Linear operator describing how this object is represented on a mesh.
adjoint_sampling_operator scipy.sparse matrix or numpy.ndarray The adjoint of the sampling operator.
deltas list of float Mesh spacings in each dimension.

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