class pysit.core.mesh_representation.PointRepresentationBase(mesh, pos, approximation='gaussian', approximation_width=1, approximation_deviations=3, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: pysit.core.mesh_representation.MeshRepresentationBase

Base class for representing a point (or delta) on a grid.

This class serves as a base class for physical objects, such as receivers and source emitters that are usually represented in the domain as volumeless points.


  • np.sum(self._sampling_operator_base) does not equal 1, as the domain will not generally have a unit spaced grid. However, np.sum(self._sampling_operator_base)*prod(self.domain.deltas) will equal 1, thus preserving the integral of the delta distribution on the specified domain.


approximation {‘gaussian’, ‘delta’} Method for approximating delta distribution numerically.
approximation_width int Standard deviation of the Gaussian approximation.

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