Sources (pysit.core.sources)


A PySIT Source object specifies the modeling of seismic sources.

Getting Started

  • Importing a source
  • Constructing a source from a mesh and its coordinates
  • Selecting a profile function

Using sources

More details

Point Sources

  • Adjoint of sampling operators
  • Extending sources to wavefields

Delta Approximations

  • Numerical delta
  • Gaussian delta

Sparse or Dense?

  • Use sparse, in general

Evaluation of a Source

  • Time domain
  • Frequency domain

Source Sets

  • Collections of sources
  • Behaves the same as a PointSource, but for multiple simultaneous sources

Extending sources

Define the required interfaces for sources objects


pysit.core.sources Module


PointSource(mesh, pos, src_func[, intensity]) Subclass of PointRepresentationBase and SourceBase for representing a point source emitter on a grid.
SourceSet(mesh, sources, **kwargs)

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of pysit.core.sources.PointSource, pysit.core.sources.SourceSet