Wave Sources (pysit.core.wave_source)


A PySIT wave_source is the implementation of the source profile function.

Getting Started

  • Importing and invoking wave sources, RickerWavelet in particular

Using wave_source

  • time and phase shifts

Function or Function-like Objects

  • __call__ method

Gaussian Derivative Wavelets

  • General specification in time and frequency domains
  • Thresholds and peak frequencies

The Ricker Wavelet

  • A special case of a Gaussian Derivative

The Gaussian Wavelet

  • A special case of a Gaussian Derivative

Noise Sources

  • Specification of distribution
  • Warning: time and frequency domain are incoherent

Extending wave_source

  • Expected input/output behavior
  • Define if time or frequency domain
  • Define _evaluate_time and _evaluate_frequency methods
  • Array and scalar input


pysit.core.wave_source Module


SourceWaveletBase(*args, **kwargs) Base class for source wavelets or profile functions.
DerivativeGaussianPulse(peak_frequency[, ...]) Pulse as the n-th derivative of a Gaussian.
RickerWavelet(nu, **kwargs) Canonical example source wavelet.
GaussianPulse(nu, **kwargs) 0th derivative of the Gaussian
WhiteNoiseSource([seed, variance]) Random wavelet.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of pysit.core.wave_source.SourceWaveletBase, pysit.core.wave_source.DerivativeGaussianPulse, pysit.core.wave_source.RickerWavelet, pysit.core.wave_source.GaussianPulse, pysit.core.wave_source.WhiteNoiseSource